Now that your teacher has read 
The Crayon Box that Talked
by Shane DeRolf,

Let's have fun working as a TEAM
and learn about some school tools! 



First, become part of a TEAM.

Go to this site to learn 
about being a great teammate.
Once you are convinced you
can work as part of a TEAM,
come back here, and continue on. 

As a team, learn all about pencils!

pencil rule
Go to these sites to read and learn 
about pencils and how they are made. 
Read carefully, then together try 
to answer the questions below.

pencil rule
Here are the questions. Happy Hunting!!

  1. What is a pencil "lead" really made of? Why do we call it lead? 
  2. How are most pencils in Europe different from those in the U.S.? 
  3. How many words can one pencil write? 
  4. Tell about a famous person who used pencils. 
  5. What are most erasers made of today? 
  6. How many pencils are used in the U.S. in a year? 
  7. Pencils are made from what wood? 
  8. When was the first patent for erasers on pencils issued? 
  9. How long a line can a pencil draw? 
  10. What holds an eraser on a pencil? 

Now learn about crayons!

Go to these sites to read about crayons 
and how they are made. Read carefully. 

Here are the questions. Happy Hunting!!

  1. What are the two main ingredients in crayons? 
  2. How many crayons are made in a year? 
  3. Who is Douglas Mehrens? How many crayons does he use in a year? 
  4. How many colors were available in 1998? 
  5. How many crayons would it take to go around the world? 
  6. How many crayons does the average kid from North America use by the age of 10? 
  7. What are kids 2 favorite colors? 
  8. Who made the 100 billionth crayon? 
  9. In what year were crayons introduced? 
  10. How much did the first box of crayons cost? 
  11. When were fluorescent colors first added? 
  12. Name two colors that have been retired. 
  13. How many minutes a day does the average kid spend coloring? Are you average? 
  14. How many different colored labels does Crayola use? 
  15. Which two colors have had their name changed? Why?

Now, enjoy some TEAM fun!

Once your TEAM has finished the hunt, 
grab your pencil and crayons 
and complete this fun project.



More FUN sites to visit

pencil rule
While waiting for others to finish
their shadow project, enjoy
these colorful websites.


Teachers you may print out questions HERE.

This Websearch was developed by Donna Penberthy
based on an original Websearch created by Jan Miller

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